Office Space For Lease


281 and 1604 Area

Henderson Pass Office Compex is currently in the planning stages with a completion date scheduled for the Summer of 2004.  Located  at the corner of Henderson Pass and Turkey Point,  a complex of 6 Office Buildings is planned to be constructed.  These buildings will range from 4172 square feet to 5690 square feet.  Offices of as little as 500 square feet will be available for lease.   


281 and 1604 Area

Mil Encinos is a shopping center located at 2250 Thousand Oaks.  As well as being a popular retail location, Its location, layout and decor lends itself beautifully to offices of 1300 square feet or greater.


Thousand Oaks and Nacogdoches Area

Naco Central is a shopping center located at 16340 Nacogdoches,  north of Thousand Oaks across from PEP BOYS and is well suited for use as office space with generous parking both in front and behind.


1019 S. Laredo

 1019 S. Laredo Lease this historic designated service station which is located conveniently to both City and County offices. Convert it into a unique office.